Steve Tiberio

Steve was a loving husband, father, friend, co-worker and firefighter. Steve was a Volunteer Firefighter for 31 years with Oakmont Fire Company, where he was on the board of directors. He worked at the United States Mint in Philadelphia. He spent his free time helping others. From fixing computers, building things, taking care of neighbors, and coaching softball with his daughters, Steve gave of his time and talents without looking for anything in return.

Steve was diagnosed with Mesothelioma on January 28, 2011. He underwent several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. The plan was for him to undergo Photodynamic Therapy and Lung-Sparing surgery but he was also diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. This made him not eligible for the clinical trial. Steve underwent lung radiation in the fall of 2011. Steve finished up radiation on December 23, 2011. Mid-February he was hospitalized for worsening shortness of breath and eye drooping. A MRI of the brain revealed several small tumors in the brain, showing the Mesothelioma had spread to his brain. Steve immediately started brain radiation. Steve was to undergo 15 daily radiation treatments. Mid radiation Steve started to shows signs of worsening. He was unable to complete brain radiation on Thursday, March 8 because he was admitted to the hospital for dehydration, an infection and worsening of the Mesothelioma. Steve lost his battle with Mesothelioma on Sunday, March 11 2012.

He was a fighter to the end. He was very courageous in his daily battles and always had a smile on his face and met every challenge with the attitude of β€œIt is what it is!” Steve is loved by so many and missed more each day. If you were lucky enough to know Steve, you were lucky enough. We continue the fight against Mesothelioma as promised!



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